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Our Mission To unify the cycling community to have a stronger voice in promoting bicycling for transportation and recreation.  

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


Bicycling is a very efficient and low-cost mode of transportation, and is also a quick and easy way to get to public transportation (bus stop or train station).  The San Bernardino Transit Center in downtown San Bernardino already provides connections between many transportation services, including 16 bus routes and a bus rapid transit line from four different transit agencies, and with both commuter rail and light rail connections under construction.

The Inland Empire Biking Alliance operates the San Bernardino Bicycle Hubitat as a service to the general public, including the 6,000 current transit passengers, particularly over 200 transit passengers who use their bicycle to access transit.  The Hubitat is a low-cost program that is very effective at increasing bicycle usage, by providing assistance to many people who do not have the means to repair their bikes on their own. For a nominal donation, the Hubitat teaches people to fix or maintain their own bikes, thus providing them with the tools, equipment, parts, and know-how to get their bikes back on the road.

We have raised $7,785 towards our $10, 335 goal. We only need to raise $660 to receive the appropriate match funding to fulfill the $2,550 left to meet our goal. Please donate TODAY so our sponsor TRANSIT CENTER via IOBY can match your contribution 2:1 which means your $10 donation will be received as $30 at the Hubitat!! To donate, click here
We were successful in raising $9,451!!! 
To review our campaign please click here:
Help people give their bicycle love at the HUB!


IEBA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that relies on it's members to help support our staff in accomplishing the goal of making biking and walking safer and accessible for everyone in the Inland Empire. We appreciate your tax-deductible gift and hope you will consider becoming a member today.

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Membership Drive

If you haven't seen a bike friendly area take the time to visit one . It can be a life changing experience. We have! And we want you to have that experience right here in the Inland Empire. So please support us in this vision and become a member or simply make a donation. Thanks for your support!!!The IEBA mission is simply to get more people on bikes.

What the IEBA does for local cyclists:

KWork with local agencies for better infrastructure KEducate cyclist’s of their rights on the road and in collisions

KAdult education classes– How to keep safe on the roadways KProtect our right to use roads

 KWork with planners and developers to improve bicycle facilities K Low cost bike repair shops at co ops

KCreate fun events for the all levels of cyclists  KInform agencies of road hazards and unsafe road conditions

KChild bike education and events



Here are some examples of just a few stories of how having an advocate can make changes that benefit all cyclists.

A member of IEBA posted pictures of road hazards in the City of Corona. IEBA shared it on it’s Facebook page and someone from the city saw them. In less than a week all the hazards were fixed. IEBA has also sent many requests for other such hazards and repairs have been made.

A collision with a van resulted in a police report that put the bicyclists at fault. We reviewed the situation and call in a law enforcement expert. The cyclists started off with lots of medical bills and a destroyed bike. As a result of getting IEBA involved the situation completely turned around with the motorists being asset fault for passing illegally  in a substandard lane and crossing a double yellow. This resulted in a significant settlement in favor of the cyclist.

The IEBA has a program that puts out ghost bikes for fallen cyclists. These result in lots of media attention and that attention brings awareness to the event especially hit and runs. This attention brings further awareness and can help lead to apprehending perpetrators. For 2014, 2 arrests have been made for hit and runs, which is remarkable. We also organize memorial rides that can also bring more needed attention to the need to share the road.


IEBA Program Guide

 Do you have a community in the IE that would benefit from some outreach? Have you ever wanted to know how you can get IEBA involved and what the cost would be? Well we have made it easier for cities and organizations to plan events and education classes with our new program guide. Contact us for a copy at

Mission Statement

The Inland Empire Biking Alliance was formed to unify the cycling community to have a stronger voice in promoting bicycling for transportation and recreation 


 Vision: The IEBA works to make cycling safe, easier, and, most of all, FUN for the whole family.

Philosophy: We represent all forms of cycling whether you are the daily commuter or the mountain bike racer.  We believe in safer roads and sustainable mountain bike trails. We have a willingness to work with public officials and all user groups to find solutions to the biking needs of the residents and visitors of the area.  By working together we can make the IE one of the safest and most exciting areas in the country to ride.
Bicycling has proven health benefits and the more bicyclists on the road the fewer cars on the road. Bicycling is a clean, energy efficient form of transportation that almost any person can do.  Our group is attempting to change the way the general population views bicycling and to increase the number of riders using bicycles as a form of exercise and transportation.



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